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Bastien Console

The Bastien collection, by Gregory Remy, is inspired by minimalist architecture with this seamless monolithic curved steel frame that characterises it.
The console variant works in all situations, they are the perfect space divider, allowing for light, views and fresh air to move freely around them.
It emphasises on the importance of integrating plants indoors, to help with air quality and wellbeing.
It’s architectural frame complimented with plants and your choice of finishes, makes it a great addition to any space.

Product made to order in Australia.
Trade price on request.

1800 x 400 x 1000Hmm
Frame finishes:
Standard black or white powder coat
Shelve finishes:
Black, White laminate or Polytec Woodmatt Prime Oak laminate
Marble shelves
Custom size
Dulux or Interpon powder coat colours
Laminex or Polytec laminate shelves
Veneer shelves
Marble shelves
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