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We specialize in High-End Residential and ABW (activity based working) furniture for all types of fit-outs. Our products are focused around answering the needs of modern interiors and their commitment to more flexibility, collaboration and well-being.

Established in 2017, Remy-Woodcock produces high quality commercial furniture. Based in Sydney and created by Gregory  Remy, Remy-Woodcock leverages on his international experience working on the European market and international projects.


We manufacture locally to each market we operate in, in order to provide the best quality within the best

lead time to local projects and clients. (EU launch 2022/2023).

Gregory Remy

The Creative

Trained in product Design and Business strategy. Gregory has 10 years of experience in the field of furniture, working on projects in Europe, the U.S and APAC.

Katrina Jonak

The Strategist

Experienced Operation Manager in the Tech Industry. Katrina's experience in managing large scale projects  is a true asset to Remy-Woodcock's long term goals and development.

Our goals

Provide the best quality, locally made, furniture for your projects in the best lead time.

Clients we work with:


- Sony Entertainment

- Facebook

- Pitcher Partners

- Morgan Stanley

- Stockland

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